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Waves at Limantour Beach
Pt. Reyes National Seashore, California

It was a nice day for waves, note the windblown wave top in this oblique view, November 1995 (49K jpg)

go to location mapI'll confess a certain fascination for waves. The edge between land and sea can mesmerize with surprisingly comforting variations on a simple enough theme. Over Thanksgiving 1995 we visited the Pt. Reyes National Seashore and spent a warm, windy Sunday at Limantour Beach.

These images were taken during a brief period in mid-afternoon. An offshore northwest wind was averaging around 18 mph with gusts to 26 mph and it was nicely aligned to blow a fine mist off the tops of the waves. The late autumn sun provided a low, clear light. I flew the Sutton 16 out over the surf line and took a series of images facing directly downward. Each of these shows the transition between the greens of Drake's Bay and the browns of the beach with punctuation provided by the wave of the moment. The waves were around 3 feet high and broke in a well defined zone created by a sandy shelf. I took the images from between 30 and 150 feet in altitude. These photographs don't need too many words so I'll skip the annotation. I will say that I like the images.

Plan views of surf line, November 1995 (left 51K jpg, right 42K jpg)

More views of the surf line, November 1995 (left 52K jpg, right 46K jpg)

And yet more, November 1995 (left 65K jpg, right 30K jpg)

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