Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Inverness Yacht Club #2
Pt. Reyes National Seashore, California

The Arens go a'boating, November 1995 (39K jpg)

go to location mapThese images from the Inverness Yacht Club are from our Thanksgiving 1995 trip with the family Arens (pictured in rowboat to left.) It was a great trip that offered several opportunities for kite photographs. We spent Friday "messing around with boats" and flying kites in a breeze that had holes in it (now its here, now it isn't). For a while the light was compelling as fog rolled into our area but I didn't send up the camera up that day. I was mindful of an Anne Rock quote recommending common sense: "You've got equipment together, you're someplace where the wind is blowing, a subject tempting you, but a voice says the yellow warning light is on. Listen to that voice." (Aerial Eye, Vol. 1, No. 4). In this case the yellow light was related to flying over water with the possibility of a sudden calm. I returned the next morning to find a steady breeze at around 14 mph and to take the photographs on this page.

The Inverness Yacht Club from around 200 feet, November 1995 (45K jpg)

The camera was suspended from the Flowform 16 which flies at a relatively low angle. We were flying the kite from the end of the pier (to the right of the photo). I had about 500 feet of kiteline out and I would guess the camera was around two hundred feet above Tomales Bay. At this distance it becomes difficult to see the attitude of the camera - I made a note that a small pair of binoculars would have been useful. The water in this image has a nice color gradient going.

The Inverness Yacht Club boat yard viewed from the southeast, November 1995 (72K jpg)

Another two image montage, this view shows the IYC's boat storage yard sandwiched between the highway and the bay. My little red cabriolet (white top) is parked in the foreground. I'm standing just above the top of the image.

Flying the camera rig for these views was distinctly different than my experience of the previous day. During this session the winds were remarkably steady. I could walk around the boatyard at will without having to give the kite's stability much thought - a nice luxury.

Additional views of the boatyard, November 1995 (43K jpg)

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