Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Chimney Rock
Pt. Reyes National Seashore, California

Happy camper finally prepares to launch, November 1995 (link shows actual photograph, 22K jpg)

go to location mapWe were frustratingly becalmed for a few weeks around Halloween. I went on several aerial photography outings and came back with nary an image due to lack of wind. Claudia noted the early symptoms of kite aerial photography withdrawal syndrome and tried to keep me out of the house as much as possible. Finally, on a trip to one of the windiest areas in these parts - Chimney Rock at Point Reyes - I encountered a turbulent breeze capable of lofting a kite. Chimney Rock, a peninsula that runs to the immediate southeast of the Pt. Reyes Lighthouse, once housed a lifeboat rescue station and is today a picturesque destination off the beaten track (see key map - 66K jpg). Our Sunday afternoon visit found a landscape of tall, dry grass under a slightly hazy atmosphere. These images were taken with the Yashica T4 point-and-shoot camera using a new Picavet suspension.

Plan view of bluff and ocean, November 1995 (52K jpg)

This plan view image shows the surf line as it runs into an inaccessible beach at the base of a bluff. The bluff, visibly eroding into the Pacific Ocean, provides a fine picnic setting for us ephemeral types. The next image provides an oblique view of the same bluff.

View of the Chimney Rock peninsula toward the west, November 1995 (78K jpg)

A two-image montage, this west-facing view shows the narrowest part of the Chimney Rock peninsula with the Pacific Ocean on the left and Drake's Bay on the right. The Commander's residence for the old lifeboat station is in the distance and our picnic can be seen in the lower right. Trails in the image lead to Chimney Rock proper (about 500 yards behind the camera). The bluff must be about 100 feet tall at this point.

The Commander's house associated with the lifeboat station is nicely sited on a raised lawn with stone retaining walls. A fine l-shaped line of Monterey Cypress provides a windbreak to the north and west. Water cisterns serving the small complex can be seen to the left. We were flying the kite from the path visible in the bottom of the lower image.

Commander's Residence with windbreak, Lifeboat Station at Chimney Rock, November 1995 (both images are 50K jpgs)

Photography team on path through tall grass, November 1995 (67K jpg)

The grass landscape was really parched during this visit. Although we were well into what should be the wet season, there had been no real rain to date. At least there was wind.

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