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The Pacific School of Religion

Claudia shoots a self-portrait in clear, low sunlight, September 1995 (link to source photo, 63K jpg)

go to location mapI live in Berkeley a few blocks to the north of the University of California at Berkeley campus. Berkeley's landscape includes the "flats" stretching from San Francisco Bay eastward to the "hills" that rise as a backdrop for the city. The University lies in the transition zone between flat and hill. These images were taken from the campus of the Pacific School of Religion (PSR) located on a small promitory ("Holy Hill") between the north edge of the UC Campus and my home. The PSR kindly allows their small quadrangle to serve as a neighborhood park. Here my sons learned to walk, ride a bike and rollerblade.

These images, taken from the PSR Quadrangle, represent my first KAP efforts from a confined site. I shot two rolls of film here in September 1995, some from my new 8' Conyne Delta and more from the 7.5' Rokaku. I'm pleased with the session. The kites flew well in these relatively confined circumstances and the late-day light was nice in color and direction. Flying for the first time near buildings, I was finally able to harvest some more architecturally-oriented images.

Having had a busy end of summer it was nice to get back to the kites and some photographs.

PSR Quadrangle (launch site), September 1995 (124K jpg)

This image was taken shortly after launch and shows the relatively confined quarters of the PSR Quadrangle. Claudia and I are visible near the center of the image. The images in this set were taken with a Yashica T4 point-and-shoot camera.

Pedestrians below tree , September 1995 (114K jpg)

This image offers a near-plan view of a sidewalk, building, and tree. One pedestrian can be seen mid-stride in the shaded part of the sidewalk and two pedestrians below the tree are revealed by their shadows.

Plan View of Holbrook Hall Entry, September 1995 (94K jpg)

A plan view of Holbrook Hall, one of the PSR's older buildings. In this frame roof planes, architectural detail, light, and shadow combine to provide a pleasing abstract image.

Vista Point, September 1995 (128K jpg)

The sunlit sidewalk in this image is framed by two trees in this image. The spot between the trees is our neighborhood's local Golden Gate sunset viewing spot. The hillside beyond this point drops sharply (this would be more apparent if I'd sent the camera higher.)

Charlie and Alex, September 1995 (125K jpg)

Here my son Charlie and his friend Alex are serving as horizontal plane rangefinders ("Kids - go get underneath the camera.") I've found this technique useful in developing a sense of how distant the camera is in plan. The image turned out rather well too. The sidewalk provides an architectural texture and a serendipitous crack.

The UC Berkeley Campus from the north, September 1995 (144K jpg)

This image provides a view from Holy Hill toward the UC Campus. To the left of the image is the Cal Campanile on the horizon and the GTU Library in the foreground. On the right horizon you can see downtown Oakland. The row of palm trees in the left middle of the image serves as my neighborhood wind gauge - the palm fronds can be seen blowing in the image. The north edge of the UC Campus is near the end of the row of palm trees.

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