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Pt. Reyes National Seashore, California

A low-altitude image - taken with the camera steadily flying unattended at an altitude of two feet, June 1995 (link shows normal photograph, 46K jpg)

go to location mapOn those rare days when it gets hot in the Bay Area it is time to head for the beach. One of our favorites is Limantour Beach at the Pt. Reyes National Seashore. Limantour's relatively protected waters in Drake's Bay allow swimming and the nominally south-facing beach is sunny. The images referenced by this page include several shots from a recent Sunday at Limantour and a couple of images from near Kehoe Beach. Kehoe Beach, facing the Pacific Ocean, has a decidedly different character - undertow and sharks keep one from swimming but it is a fine beach for walks and beachcombing.

Pacific Bluff at Kehoe Beach, June 1995 (105K jpg)

Claudia and I are sitting at the edge of a 200-foot-high bluff north of Kehoe Beach. The bluff tapers upward from the beach to reach a height of 400' and the turkey vultures use it as an escalator of sorts, riding the sea breeze to gain rapid altitude. The surrounding land is used as pasture. I come to this site often with my radio-controlled sailplanes and it has become a favorite spot. This image and the next three were taken with a Yashica T4 point-and-shoot camera.

Beach Scene at Limantour, June 1995 (101K jpg)

An image of Claudia (lower center) at Limantour Beach on a hot June afternoon . The image reveals an interesting 'footprint' texture in the beach. The flying day was marginal, just enough wind to keep the camera aloft.

Family and Friend, June 1995 (100K jpg)

Claudia, Thomas, Charlie, and friend Ted Henry looking up at the kite. I like this image's combination of texture (sand) and shadow (strong).

Limantour again, June 1995 (53K jpg)

A third image of Limantour Beach revealing contours as the beach approaches the water.

Elk tracks, April 1995 (72K jpg)

The northern end of Pt. Reyes hosts a herd of Tule elk. The elk and deer carve paths across the landscape that contour the hillside and these are showing clearly in this late day image. The path cutting across the lower right corner of the photo is the size of a jeep trial.

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