Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Inverness Yacht Club #1
Pt. Reyes National Seashore, California

go to location mapThe images were taken at the Inverness Yacht Club on the Pt. Reyes Peninsula side of Tomales Bay. We often paddle and row in Tomales Bay and find it a delightful setting. For our outings on the bay, we launch boats from the IYC pier and this has become a familiar ritual.

Ed's Rowboat
, May 1995 (68K jpg)

This boat belongs to colleague Ed Arens who is the adult in the image. He is accompanied by my son Charlie Benton. I took this image from the IYC pier under conditions that were marginal for kite flying and that is why the camera's view is from such a low altitude. The kite line from the camera to my location on the pier was essentially horizontal. This made for exciting moments when one shifts quickly from thinking about photographs to inhauling kite line.

Ed's Rowboat again,
May 1995 (67K jpg)

Here is Ed's boat from a more comfortable camera altitude. Its a handsome craft that he acquired last year from a builder in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. My sons Charlie and Thomas love the boat and are ready to row at a moment's notice. The boat images were taken by a Yashica T4 point-and-shoot camera with a 35-mm Carl Zeiss Tessar lens. My limited experience with this camera suggests that it is well suited to kite aerial photography.

IYC, May 1995 (41K jpg)

This is the small Inverness Yacht Club as seen from a kite flown from the end of the pier. The tide is out exposing Tomales Bay mud.

Boat Launch, May 1995 (38K jpg)

This image has Ed and Charlie pulling the wooden boat out toward the launch area. Ed's other rowing boat, a triple-seat Whitehall, is in the lower right of the image near a boat hoist.

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