Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Images from the Berkeley Waterfront
Berkeley, California

go to location mapThe Berkeley Waterfront is a stretch of San Francisco Bay shoreline immediately opposite (and eastward of) the Golden Gate Bridge. This large park (built over an old garbage dump) offers excellent winds for flying kites and gliders. It is also conveniently located a few minutes from my house. As a relatively open space, the waterfront is ideal for learning curve experiences with small flying devices. I am accumulating quite a few photographs of it. The images in this set were taken near the Berkeley Marina, located in the center of the Waterfront Park peninsula.

Air survey image of the Berkeley Waterfront. Top of image is northern end of park, Berkeley mainland is to the right.

Marina seawalls, May 1995 (37K jpg)

In this west-facing image, I'm sitting on the bench in the middle of the photograph. In the background are the seawalls that protect the marina entrance. The winds were freshening as I took the image. Five minutes later the kite started becoming unstable.


Boat at the fuel dock, May 1995 (38K jpg)

I'm interested in kite photography images with objects in the foreground. In this case I flew the camera relatively close to the mast of this broad-beamed boat that was taking on fuel. The effect is not particularly dramatic. I guess you have to get pretty close.


A line of J24 sailboats , May 1995 (33K jpg)

A moored set of J24 sailboats. A human in the left of the photograph provides a scale reference.

Sterns abreast, May 1995 (28K jpg)

Another image of the J24s. In this case they are casting interesting shadows on the turbid water of the marina. These images are from my third roll of film and I had not developed the knack of squarely lining up the camera. Practice makes perfect.

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