Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Images from the Berkeley Waterfront Green
Berkeley, California

Air survey image of the Berkeley Waterfront. Top of image is northern end of park, Berkeley mainland is to the right.

go to location mapThe Berkeley Waterfront is a stretch of San Francisco Bay shoreline immediately opposite (and eastward of) the Golden Gate Bridge. This large park (built over an old garbage dump) offers excellent winds for flying kites and gliders. It is also conveniently located a few minutes from my house. As a relatively open space, the waterfront is ideal for learning curve experiences with small flying devices. I am accumulating quite a few photographs of it. The images in this set were taken near the Waterfront Green (see box on image), located in the northern half of the Waterfront Park peninsula.

In the west-facing image below, I'm standing on the sidewalk while son Charlie Benton flies the kite from a bench in the center. This area is about a hundred yards north of the parking circle and kite-flying area. This image, like the rest in this page, was taken with a $80 Minolta Freedom Vista point-and-shoot camera. The images are not quite as sharp as those from a more expensive camera but then again there is less expensive hardware at risk. I think of this as my learning curve, stunt double camera.

Seawall Walk, April 1995 (52K jpg)

I used this image, from my first roll of kite aerial photography images, to create the first graphic header for this WWW site. The figure in the center of the image is your author.

Glider Hill at the Berkeley Waterfront April 1995 (41K jpg)

This is another frame from my first roll of KAP film. The hill to the right, with a person standing on it, is a favorite flying site for radio-controlled gliders. This is where I first bumped into Anne Rock.

Tom McAlister's Kite Store, May 1995 (40K jpg)

Tom McAlister is our local kite merchant and operates out of an recreational vehicle at the Berkeley Waterfront. The image shows his mobile store at the parking circle.

A plan view of the author, April 1995 (56K jpg)

A late day image of myself. I wonder at times if some kite aerial photography images are somehow less compelling when it is not evident that the image was taken from a kite. The images seem to have more intrigue if it is clear that they were not taken from the top of a hill or out of a building. The straight down 'plan' point of view is one way to establish that it is not a conventional photo.

Hanging out on the green, April 1995 (56K jpg)

Another image from my first roll of kite photographs. The figures are myself with sons Charlie and Thomas lying on the lawn.

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