Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

My Favorite KAP Images
Sampler No. 3

This page finishes the first three-page sampler of my favorite KAP photographs and serves as a catch-all for images that did not fit the previous page's themes. As before, each image is linked to a larger jpg and has a pointer to the gallery page where additional images from the session are available.

Crissy Field
A famous windsurfing site
(associated gallery page)

Decorative Flags
From the San Francisco waterfront
(associated gallery page)

Stearman PT-17
A WW-II vintage biplane
(associated gallery page)

Your author on a lakebed
(associated gallery page)

Buggies in Berkeley
Kite Buggies in Cesar Chavez Park
(associated gallery page)

Tom and Chuck
A closer view of the buggies
(associated gallery page)

Highline Kites
Tom's RV seen through a McAlister Eddy Train
(associated gallery page)

Sea Lions and Tourists
San Francisco's Pier 39
(associated gallery page)

Boats and Cars
Parking at different scales
(associated gallery page)

Surfline Layers
Plan view of a Pt. Reyes beach
(associated gallery page)

Water No More
A stream path through the beach
(associated gallery page)

A San Mateo pumpkin patch
(associated gallery page)

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
(associated gallery page)

A wave as it breaks
(associated gallery page)


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