Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

My Favorite KAP Images
Sampler No. 1

These sampler pages contain my favorite KAP photographs. What makes an image appealing? Certainly part of an image's intrigue is based on photographic merit. But I also find that associations from the shooting play an important role -- a pleasant hike, a sweet-flying kite, just the right light.

This page has something of a nautical motif. The San Francisco Bay area has a wealth of shoreline and the whole family enjoys water-related activities. The water's edge is often a great place for kite flying -- smooth winds and open spaces. Each of the images below is linked to a larger jpg and has a pointer to its gallery page where additional images from the session are available.


Berkeley Marina
Plan view of the docks
(associated gallery page)

Big Boats
Richmond Yacht Club at sunset
(associated gallery page)

The Oarsmen
Ed's rowboat in Tomales Bay
(associated gallery page)

Kayaks on the Dock
A late summer day's launch
(associated gallery page)


Deck, Bench & Rail
The shadows explain the image
(associated gallery page)

Beached Windsurfers
Crissy Field in San Francisco
(associated gallery page)

From 100' up next to a frighteningly large flag
(associated gallery page)


Palms and Pool
A swimming pool in Kauai
(associated gallery page)

The Berkeley Pier
Once carried streetcars halfway to San Francisco
(associated gallery page)

Winter surf on Drake's Bay
(associated gallery page)

The Jeremiah O'Brien
A Liberty Ship at dock
(associated gallery page)


The Berkeley Yacht Club
Guarding the marina's entrance
(associated gallery page)

The Berkeley Marina
Becalmed on a winter day
(associated gallery page)

Limatour Beach at Sunset
Pt. Reyes National Seashore
(associated gallery page)


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