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A Panoptic Image
Michel Dusariez

A highly-modified camera adapted for panoptic photography.

Oh that I had a bit more time. During a visit with Michel Dusariez in San Francisco this last summer he showed me his panoptic camera and a book describing the approach. It is an ingenious technique and produces stunning abstract images (see his panoptic web site). The camera pictured to the left is an old Ziess 2-1/4" body that has been modified to hold a Tokina 17-mm lens (normally used for 35-mm film) that has been masked to expose only a vertical slit (slit not shown in camera photo). The body also holds a small motor that simultaneously advances the film in a continuous stream and rotates the camera. It can expose film for as long as film is available in the rotating camera. For more details consult Michel's book, 360 Degree Panoptic Photography Experiments, written with co-authors Ludovic Pierroux and Lars R. Larsen. For information on how to acquire the book contact Michel Dusariez directly.

Michel Dusariez's 360 degree kite aerial photograph (91K jpg).

Here is a copy of a 360 degree panoptic kite aerial photograph taken by Michel during the third Cervoling at le Tourquet, France in April, 1992 - a world's first!

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