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The Aerial Eye
Background and Information on CD-ROM

The Aerial Eye was the printed resource for anyone interested in kite aerial photography. Lovingly assembled on a quarterly schedule by editor Brooks Leffler, the newsletter was a timely compendium of advice, instruction, observation, and experience. Regular contributors included Steve Eisenhauer, Wolfgang Bieck, and Craig Wilson -- all members of the American Kitefliers Association Aerial Photography Committee.

Regrettably, publication of the Aerial Eye ceased with the Summer 1999 issue. It was a class act Brooks and we are all in your debt.

Cover images and the themes of each issue are provided on the following pages:


    First year issues
    Second year issues
    Third year issues

    Fourth year issues
    Fifth year issues

The Complete Aerial Eye is now available on CD-ROM

I have good news and bad news regarding availability of back issues of the Aerial Eye. First the bad news: Brooks Leffler has recently informed me that that his stock of B&W printed copies almost depleted and, therefore, hard copies of the back issues are soon to be a thing of the past. 

Now here  is the good news and it is a delightful development: Brooks Leffler has issued all issues of the Aerial Eye in PDF format on a CD-ROM: the complete aerial eye.

Historians (albeit specialized) will surely look at the 1990s as a milestone decade in the development of kite aerial photography. The shining jewel of that decade was the quarterly publication Aerial Eye. Editor Brooks Leffler inaugurated this fine resource and then nurtured its development into a first-rate resource for ideas related to KAP equipment, techniques, and culture. In doing so he fostered a sense of community among KAPers that persists to this day. He has now extended this class act through the creation of an easily accessible, inexpensive archive version of the Aerial Eye. This is a must have for those contemplating cameras aloft.

Brooks rules!

He is offering the new disk (in sleeve) at $25.00 until January 1, 2002, less the promised $10.00 discount for those who invested in the earlier CD containing only the last 8 issues. Beginning in 2002, the CD will be available for  $30.00.  

Brooks Leffler
P.O. Box 34
Pacific Grove, CA 93950 USA

831-647-8363 (voice)
831-647-8483 (fax)

You can email Brooks at

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